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Railroad shutting locomotives - Locomobile MART
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Railroad shutting locomotives - Locomobile MART

An alternative to shunting diesel locomotives of medium and light classes is locomobile - universal rail vehicles, built on the basis of heavy trucks and special chassis. The steam engines of different designs operate in different countries and has long proved its economic efficiency.

Chassis of locomobile MART intended for hardware configuration and traffic on roads and railway tracks. Locomobile MART can be made on the basis of marks trucks the URAL, KAMAZ, GAZ, ISUZU, IVECO, MAN.

Locomobile MART can be manufactured for operation on Railways with gauge width: 1372мм, 1435мм, 1520mm, 1524мм, 1676мм. Special locomobile MART are made for track widths of 1000, 1050, 1067мм.

Equipment for movement on rails includes the front and rear of the truck to hold on the rails, hydraulic system, electrohydraulic control system of rail speed, special devices for the railroad.

Special equipment for movement by rail are equipped with excavators, tractors, cranes, special equipment, rescue machines. The possibility of independent movement by rail provides rapid movement of the special road, construction and rescue vehicles to the place of work.

Developed at our enterprise improvements trucks and machinery retain all their basic functions and add a unique independent movement by rail.

Locomobile moves on rails on conventional rubber tires. This feature allows portable engine with less than shunting locomotive weight, to provide adequate traction for performance of shunting works.

Use as the base chassis – chassis heavy trucks (URAL, KAMAZ, IVECO, or any other chassis) allows to obtain a large ballast weight. Which in turn allows you to maneuver the rolling stock weighing 20 to 1500 tons.

   Features of locomobile MART

  • Small purchase price. Low cost of ownership


  • Control system, standard on shunting locomotives.


  • Brake system with a receiver volume up to 1000L and powerful compressor with hydraulic drive fulfilling the technical requirements for repeated braking of the train


  • The braking ability of the train's own brakes chassis


  • Fully preserved all the features of the truck


  • The speed of movement along the rails up to 40 km/h on highways to 80 km/h


  • Versatility: it's possible to install any needed currently add-ons, suitable for mass-dimensional characteristics: the platform, van, tank, compressor, diesel generator, etc.




Modifications of locomobiles MART


Locomobile MART-1


Maintenance and repair of railways and raylway equipment.

At the base of the locomobile MART-1 can be equipped with various machinery:

The hydraulic lifts, tanks for water and fuel, vans, laboratories, flatbed, specialized platforms.


Locomobile MART-2




Shunting the line up to 300 tons.

Locomobile MART-2 can be additionally equipped with hydraulic crane, snow blade, brush


Locomobile MART-3


Shunting the line up to 1000 tons

Locomobile MART-3 may be equipped with any attachments.