Locomobile MART-1
Russian Federation
Miass city, Obezdnaya doroga 2/4
+7 351 907-08-61
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Locomobile MART-1

The vehicle is set for travelling on the rails without the kit for towing cars (base model for the manufacture of self-propelled vehicles and machinery on the rail road.

Mass-dimensional characteristics
Own weight locomobile 10100kg
Length, width, height  
Performance characteristics on railroad
The turning radius on the railroad 70 m
The maximum speed on railroad 40 km/h
Performance characteristics on conventional road, highways
The maximum speed on the highway 90km/h
The weight of a cargo transported by highway 7000kg
Engine, transmission
Engine manufacturer YAMZ (Russia)
Engine power 230Hp
Type of transmission Manual (YAMZ, ZF)
Fuel consumption
during shunting operations 20-25 L/H
when the work of the special add-ins and assemblies 8-15 L/H
when driving on roads 30-35 L/100km
Other features
Ecological class Euro 0...Euro V