Locomobile MART-3
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Locomobile MART-3

Locomobile model "MART-3" is designed to replace the shunting locomotives light and medium class. This portable engine is equipped with a automatic transmission "ALLISON" 3000 series and the engine YAMZ or Caterpillar.

The locomotives MART-3 is intended for carrying out of maneuvers with rolling stock weighing from 500 to 1,000 tons (depending on the technological biases).

Chassis of locomobile MART-3 are used for hardware configuration and traffic on roads and railway tracks with gauge width 1520mm. The transport base locomobile MART-3 chassis Ural 4320 (5557).

On the chassis of the base vehicle in addition to replacing the power unit and automatic transmission, finalized the frame, front axle, rear axles and suspension, introduces the details of the mounting of the equipment for movement on rails, including hydraulic and electrical equipment as well as equipment and devices necessary for movement by rail. Equipment for movement on rails includes the front and rear of the truck to hold on the rails, hydraulic system, electrohydraulic control system of a rail move.

Mass-dimensional characteristics
The equivalent weight of the standard locomotive 40 t
Own weight locomobile without ballast 10900kg
The weight of the ballast 12000kg
Length, width, height  
Performance characteristics on railroad
Pulling force on the hitch 50.96kN
The maximum load on a level 1000ton
Maximum load on grades (3%o) 300ton
The turning radius on the railroad 120m
The maximum speed on railroad 40 km/h
Performance characteristics on conventional road, highways
The maximum speed on the highway 90km/h
The weight of a cargo transported by highway 10000kg
Engine, transmission
Engine manufacturer YAMZ (Russia), Caterpillar (USA)
Engine power 285-300Hp
Type of transmission Automatic (ALLISON)
Fuel consumption
during shunting operations 20-25 L/H
when the work of the special add-ins and assemblies 8-15 L/H
when driving on roads 30-35 L/100km
Other features
Ecological class Euro IV - Euro V

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