About of MZSA
Russian Federation
Miass city, Obezdnaya doroga 2/4
+7 351 907-08-61
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About of MZSA

Group of companies MZSA alternative designs and manufactures innovative rail technology, intended for replacement of the shunting locomotives, track machines and special railway equipment.

As a basic machine for alternative rail technology adopted by truck URAL-4320, prepared engineering designs for use as a base locomobile MART is such trucks as KAMAZ, GAZ, IVECO, MAN.

The enterprise's specialists developed and introduced into industrial production a few dozen design solutions (many of them patented), which enabled to greatly increase the resistance of locomobiles, their thrust performance, functionality compared to released a few years ago prototypes.

The company has its own production base, which is a deep modernization of the basic chassis of the cars are made elements of the hydraulic system, chassis trucks, made the final Assembly and testing of finished locomobiles.

Company policy is aimed at maximum satisfaction of the end user: engineering service has all possibilities for development and creation of unique locomotives designed for specific tasks in industrial companies.

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